Man Wins A Million Dollars At Laughlin Nevada Casino

The casinos are good in Laughlin Nevada…they are very good. Some people say they have Laughlin slots are loser than any in the world. Now we see proof about how good Laughlin is. A San Antonio man is now a millionaire after hitting the jackpot on Monday at a slot machine in a Nevada Casino.

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Ernest Lopez and his girlfriend Linda Boelter chose Laughlin, Nevada as their vacation spot and stopped by the Golden Nugget, located at 2300 S. Casino Drive, for breakfast, according to a news release.
Lopez played the 1,000,000 Degrees game for just five minutes before hitting the winning slot machine pull at noon. He was placing the maximum bet of $3 on the game, which is a one cent per 300-coin game, according to a news release.
He ultimately won $1,824,943, an absolutely huge payout. I imagine Lopez has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season.
When people play the 1,000,000 Degrees slot machine, they are able to win the jackpot by getting nine “1,000,000 Degrees” symbols appear while placing the max bet of $3. The machine features a top progressive jackpot award that resets at a base amount of just under $1 million. The game then increases how much the jackpot is as more people play the game, according to the release.

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