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Laughlin Nevada Tourist Safety Tips

The following SAFETY TIPS are provided for you as reminders to make your stay in the Laughlin and Las Vegas areas a safe and memorable one.

Low Bandwidth Safety Video
High Bandwidth Safety Video

1) When your luggage is in your possession, treat it as if it were GOLD. Never leave these items unattended.

2) Carry travelers checks, instead of large amounts of cash. Only carry what you will need for the day (or evening). Leave all your valuables, such as credit cards, jewelry or airline tickets, in the room safe. Write down your traveler check and credit card numbers and place this information in your room safe.

3) Be alert. If you are in a crowded area, carry your purse (wallet) close to you and keep a firm grip on it. Do not leave purses (handbags or cameras) on the back of chairs, under tables or restroom hooks.

4) Keep track of your hotel key. You may want to return your key to the front desk while you are out. Close you hotel room securely, even if you are going for ice. Ask a security officer to escort you to your room if you have lost your key.

5) Use automatic teller machines in well-lighted areas of the hotel you are staying in. Walk in pairs or groups whenever possible.

6) Make sure your family or friends have contact numbers for you while you are in the Las Vegas area. Keep in touch with them and tell them where you are going.

7) Look for the VIVA patrol if you need directions or other assistance. The VIVA Patrol (Visitor Information, Visitor Assistance) is part of the LVMPD's volunteer program. VIVA members wear bright yellow shirts with the VIVA logo as well as caps and can be found walking in pairs along the Strip, Fremont Street and McCarran International Airport.

8) Stay alert and trust your instincts. If you see suspicious people loitering near your hotel room or auto mobile do not approach or confront them . Report any suspicious activity to the hotel, a police officer, a security officer, or hotel staff member immediately.

9) In crowded areas or in situations where crowds are expected (such as show lines, buffet area, bus stop, baggage carousel etc.) be aware of your valuables. Keep your purse or luggage close to your body. In situations as these, it may be wise to carry any monies in your front pocket or use a secured "fanny pack."

10) If you are vacationing with young children, the same rules apply. Instruct them to never talk to strangers or open doors without first knowing who it is. Make sure they know the name of the hotel, the phone and room number. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department does use a 9-1-1 system so be sure your children are familiar with it in case they become lost or separated.

11) Three Card Monte, a game played with cards on the street or sidewalks (shell game) is a losers game. YOU WILL NOT WIN. The persons are in essence stealing your money. There are "shills" (persons who appear to be playing and winning at the game are actually involved in the scam) who will entice you to play because they win so easily. Remember, they are in on the scam. If you play, you will become a victim and because it is illegal you may get arrested.

LVMPD Non-Emergency Police Service (702) 229-3111

Tourist Safety Unit (702) 229-3204

Laughlin Visitors: If you need assistance from LVMPD or 9-1-1 be sure to state that you are in Laughlin.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department squad cars are painted black and white and have decals that identify them as "Police" vehicles.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department SUV's are painted black and white and have decals that identify them as "Police" vehicles.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department summer uniform features a short-sleeved khaki-colored shirt and pants. The winter uniform features a long-sleeved dark green shirt with a turtleneck and khaki-colored pants. Officers also may work in plainclothes but they are required to carry their department badge for identification.


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Bicycle Squad summer uniform



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